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U.S.S. SHARK SS(N) 591
Class: Skipjack, SSN-585; Test Depth 700 feet
Displacement: 3,070 tons (surfaced); 3,500 tons (submerged)
Dimensions: Length 251.8 feet, Beam 38.1 feet, Draft 30 feet
Speed: 15 knots (surfaced); 29 knots (submerged)
Armament: 6 Forward 21-inch Torpedo Tubes
Keel laid: Feb. 24, 1958, Newport News Shipbuilding & Dry Dock Co.
Launched: March 16, 1960, Sponsored by Mrs. Louis Shane, Jr.
(Widow of LCDR Louis Shane, lost Captain of USS SHARK I SS-174.)
Commissioned: Feb. 9, 1961, Commanded by LCDR John F. Fagan, Jr.
Complement: Normally; 9 Officers, 76 Enlisted Men

Shark 591 Patch       The seventh USS Shark was originally powered by a S5W pressurized, water-cooled nuclear reactor; twin steam turbines; to a single shaft and propeller developing 15,000 shp. It is noteworthy that some of the original equipment for the USS Shark got advanced into the FBM (Fleet Ballistic Missile) Program and went onto the USS Robert E. Lee (SSB(N)601) while some of original equipment for the USS Robert E. Lee went into the USS Shark. Shark's Patch/Insignia was one of the last allowed by the U.S. Navy; after this time Patches/Insignia were either passive or technological. This Shark was commissioned as an Attack Submarine.
[ CLICK ] on the patch for a full size rendering and its original history from Lyle Baird, YNC(SS).
  Small Drawing
This Public Relations drawing is from the Commissioning Booklet (Courtesy Ray Arntson).
The Sailing List from 1959 until 1996 (at least those that can be found) is linked at SHARKMATES.

      John Steinbeck wrote in his book "The Log of The Sea of Cortez," “… there is no humor about submarines …”, yet nothing could be less true --- it is the humor that it keeps the 100 or so sailors working together and keeping them alive, albeit sometimes the humor is quite rough.

1957 - 1959 - 1961
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  • USN awarded contract to Newport News Shipbuilding and Dry Dock Company on January 31, 1957.
  • Keel laid at NNSBDDCO, Newport News, Virginia, February 24, 1958.
  • During construction Rear Admiral H. G. Rickover advanced the SSBN program and the original USS Shark hull had the Missile Compartment added-in and became the USS Robert E. Lee SSBN601. Consequently the original REL hull was "squeezed" together and became the USS Shark SSN591. Much of the mechanical equipment originally on-board had tags identifying them as on board the REL.
          The REL was ordered on July 30, 1958, and its keel was laid August 25, 1958; commissioned on September 15, 1960, almost six months before the Shark. How Newport News Shipbulding and Dry Dock Company assigned the keel laying dates remains a mystery to me.
          There seems to be some confusion about how the USS Thresher SSN593 might have entered into this scheme of things. It was ordered January 15, 1958, its keel laid May 28th, 1958 (dates between the Shark and the REL), and commissioned August 3, 1961, after the REL or the Shark. These dates appear to be purely coincidental as the Thresher (originally the leader of the Thresher Class) was of a significantly different design and configuration than the Skipjack design of the Shark.
  • CDR John F. Fagan assigned to Shark by RADM Hyman G. Rickover, (new construction) 1959.
      March 16, 1960, the Shark is Launched at Newport News Shipbuilding & Dry Dock Co., Virginia, and is sponsored by Mrs. Louis Shane, Jr. Widow of LCDR Louis Shane, lost Captain of USS SHARK-I SS-174, breaking the champagne over the Shark's bow.
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[ Shark Launching Slide Show of March 16, 1960 ]
      February 9, 1961, Commissioned at Newport News Shipbuilding and Dry Dock Company, Newport News, Virginia
On the far right Commanding Officer CDR. John F. Fagan can be seen; and Vice Admiral Grenfell slightly behind the Shipyard President.
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